Hampi. A Story.

Every city has its own story. Story of its origin. Stories of its kings and their heroics on the battleground. Of its markets and their gossip-laden streets. Of its myths, prayers, foods, and prostitutes. Stories, that are passed through generations and are told, retold, reweaved, and reimagined. Some lose their essence after prolonged metamorphosis, while… Read More Hampi. A Story.

Iss vimaan mein sabhi suvidhayein uplabdh hai

Unlike some religions, where development is seemingly concentrated only amongst Hindu males, science generally caters to a larger group of people, like the Avengers. Also, unlike certain other religions, where complex debates about tolerance and humanity are being resolved through peaceful means like stone pelting and questioning women why do they exist, science has actually… Read More Iss vimaan mein sabhi suvidhayein uplabdh hai